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Monday, February 8, 2016

How to go to Kalanggaman Island from Cebu

I have been eyeing to go to Kalanggaman Island for the past four years.

Most blogs suggest a route via Palompon, Leyte as your jumpoff point.  It takes 2-3days doing this route.  It is the same route suggested by the tourism office at Palompon when I gave them a call.

A few weeks ago, I heard that it is actually possible do a day trip from Cebu City to Kalanggaman Island by hiring a pumpboat from Hagnaya Port of Bogo, Cebu directly to Kalanggaman Island.  Kalanggaman Island is located between Cebu and (nearer) Leyte.  This information prompted me to schedule our trip this Chinese New Year long weekend since the next long weekend would be months away.

Kalanggaman Island is an island off Palompon, Leyte that has a sandbar like a shape of a bird. (Langgam is a Visayan word for bird).  There is no accomodation and fresh water in the island.  People bring tents to camp overnight.  There is a makeshift comfort room.  A few cottages for rent and a designated area to grill your food.

Since my peer isn't adventurous enough to rough it in sans fresh water and clean rest rooms, we opted to spend the night at Malapascua.

When I phoned Malapascua Legends, all rooms were taken except for its Budget Inn (airconditioned rooms but shared bathrooms) for 1,800 per night for two.  

We grabbed the last few slots.  I was referred by the receptionist to their co-worker, Mark, to arrange for the pumpboat.

After some negotiations, Mark and I agreed to P5,000 on pumpboat rental from Maya Port, Daanbantayan to Kalanggaman Island the Malapascua.  And an additional P1,000 for Malapascua to Maya Port, Daanbantayan the next day.  We were a group of 8 adults and 3 kids. He also offers 1,200 pesos per head including pumpboat rental, buffet lunch, snorkeling set and entrance fee to Kalanggaman Island.  Our itinerary went like this:

Day 1
430am assembly

5am left Cebu City center to northern most of Cebu: Daanbantayan.  Waze was particularly helpful in giving directions.

8am arrived New Port, Maya Daanbantayan. (do note that there are two ports in Maya, Daanbantayan which the boatman will alternately use depending on the tides and current. If you went on the wrong port, you may hire a motorbike for 20 pesos to take you to the other port)

830am we left the port for Kalanggaman Island

10am we arrived Kalanggaman Island, earlier than expected.  Mark heeded my request to a faster pumpboat that took an hour and half (instead of 2hours) on calm waters. (It can get rough most of the time)

10am-2pm lunch on the boat since all cottages were taken.  Enough time to swim and lounge on the sand bar.

2pm we paid for entrance fee of P150 pesos per adult.  We left Kalanggaman Island for Malapascua Island
(The white sands of Kalanggaman Island is not that fine because of the corals; look closer)

330pm we arrived in Malapascua Island after getting soaked in the splashes from rough seas.  We spent the night in Budget Inn (by Malapascua Legends).

Day 2

AM - at liesure, explored the island.

145pm left Malapascua on private pumpboat to New Port, Maya, Daanbantayan.

230pm arrived New Port, Maya, Daanbantayan and headed back to Cebu City

7pm arrived in Cebu City center.

For a day trip, you may opt to return to Maya Port, Daanbantayan immediately instead of going to Malapascua.

For more information on trips coming from Bogo, you may check this out.

Contact information:

Mark, boat organizer: +63916 336 6259
Dondon, boatman of John Leroy: +63 936 824 5006

Package Boat Rate:
P1,200 per head inclusive of lunch buffet,  entrance fees, snorkling set (Maya Port to Kalanggaman Island to Malapascua Island)
P120 per head from Malapascua to Maya port

Boat only rate (10-15pax comfortably):
P6,000 per boat (we've negotiated the same price to include Kalanggaman to Malapascua Island on Day 1 then Malapascua Island to Maya Port on Day 2)