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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Coastal Walk at Bondi Beach

Conveniently accessible by one bus stop from the CBD, we took the 389 bus right outside Marimekko along King's Street to Bondi Beach for 3.80 aud per way on a Sunday.  We got off at Glenayr Avenue near Hall Street.  From there, it's a two minute walk to the beach.  Thanks to a friend who has been schooling in Sydney for a while he lead the way and we took the bus for the first time.  A break from the countless (and expensive) taxi rides we've been taking.

fish and chips quick please!  we're hungry.
Since we spent the morning hearing mass at St. Mary's Cathedral, we arrived in Bondi Beach around 1 in the afternoon.  From the bus stop at Glenayr Avenue, we rushed down Hall Street and looked for food.  We stopped by the corner before crossing the street to the beach and grabbed a bag of fish and a lot of chips.
inviting pristine blue water and fine sand
We came unprepared and just sat on the sand with imaginary beach towels for a random picnic lunch.  The waters was so inviting, we were tempted to swim in the ice cold water.  We took a quick dip in the ice cold water (okay, twas just our feet).

When spring was about to end, the beach was packed with sun worshipers.  Coming from a tropical country, we were probably the lone beach goer yearning for shade.  After lunch, we walked to the south end towards Bondi Icebergs Club, to stay indoors for some shade.  Bondi Icebergs Club is an exclusive swimming club, those who do not reside within 5kms from the club may walk-in and sign up for temporary membership (with no fee) for the day.

lap pool of Bondi Icebergs Club with the Bondi Beach on the background
 Every mid October, there's an event at Bondi Beach called Sculptures by the Sea, where art pieces are displayed along the coastline, we walked from Bondi Beach to Hunter Park.  I enjoyed soaking in the view while my interior designer friend adored the art pieces.  The place was packed with tourists and locals (this is one country you can hardly distinguish locals from tourists).  There's free sunscreen, potable tap water and clean portable rest rooms at Hunter's Park.

coastal walk
sculptures by the sea

After the coast walk, we found our way back to Hall Street, spent a few minutes window shopping.  I'm surprised not to find quicksilver and billabong flagship stores here (unlike in Bali, Indonesia). 
they walk barefoot along Hall Street
We gotta have that highly rated ice cream at Gelato Messina along Hall Street.  Wished we had more time to lounge in the area but the rain poured heavily late in the afternoon, we had to rush to catch the bus at 6pm.  The queue was long but lucky to be the last allowed on board the bus.

gotta have this chosen won at Gelato Messina

We reached the city 45 minutes later and missed where we were supposed to get off.  A Filipino seated behind us gave directions how to find our way back.  We got off the bus, crossed the street and found ourselves hailing a taxi to bring us to the hotel on that rainy afternoon when a stranger called upon us to share the taxi ride.  Although reluctant, we agreed (it's safe in Australia right?) He courteously paid his share, a third of the flag down.  Whew,  we got back to the hotel safely.

Thankful for a window of sunny afternoon at Bondi Beach after a week long of unpredictable weather in Sydney.

For more information how to get to Bondi Beach, check out

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