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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Canyoneering from Alegria to Kawasan Falls, Badian

Canyoning (known as canyoneering in the U.S.) is traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming. 
Cebuanos have always took pride how pretty Kawasan Falls is.  Unknown to many, there was an undiscovered river canyon that led to it that runs from Alegria to Badian.   According to our guide, some two years ago, a foreign tourist discovered this eco-tourism spot and introduced the canyoneering activity.   For the past year, it has gained much attention on social media, it has been flocked by more and more local and foreign tourists.  Hold on to your seats and watch the teaser of our adventure down the river canyon of Kanla-ob, Alegria to Matutinao, Badian, Cebu.

Does this video make you giddy and envious?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Coastal Walk at Bondi Beach

Conveniently accessible by one bus stop from the CBD, we took the 389 bus right outside Marimekko along King's Street to Bondi Beach for 3.80 aud per way on a Sunday.  We got off at Glenayr Avenue near Hall Street.  From there, it's a two minute walk to the beach.  Thanks to a friend who has been schooling in Sydney for a while he lead the way and we took the bus for the first time.  A break from the countless (and expensive) taxi rides we've been taking.

fish and chips quick please!  we're hungry.
Since we spent the morning hearing mass at St. Mary's Cathedral, we arrived in Bondi Beach around 1 in the afternoon.  From the bus stop at Glenayr Avenue, we rushed down Hall Street and looked for food.  We stopped by the corner before crossing the street to the beach and grabbed a bag of fish and a lot of chips.
inviting pristine blue water and fine sand
We came unprepared and just sat on the sand with imaginary beach towels for a random picnic lunch.  The waters was so inviting, we were tempted to swim in the ice cold water.  We took a quick dip in the ice cold water (okay, twas just our feet).

Monday, November 16, 2015

Anything Goes in Sydney, Australia

Coming to Australia has been on the bucket list for the longest time.  Two months ago, Philippine Airlines came up with a promo and for 550$ my friend and I just grabbed a good deal, just enough time for us to apply for a visa.  We took the red eye flight out of Manila to Sydney.  Since the plane wasn't full, we were lucky to lie back in a four-seater economy seats the entire 8 hour flight.

Visa Application

Visitor Visa (600) application was seamlessly lodged online via by creating an account with   All documentary requirements such as proof of income, travel history, passport copy, pictures, application are scanned and attached online.

In spite of having a US visa and quite extensive travel history, I was granted visa 30 days later, contrary to what they consider as fast lane which only takes 3 days.  (Notice of grant was sent via email and is accessible through the online account stated above.)  Thus, it is important to apply for a visa at least 30 working days prior to your flight, I have known several people who failed to get their visa on time or just 24 hours before the flight.

I opted this service over  because the latter charge an extra service fee on top of the visa fees.

Arriving in Sydney

We breezed through immigration upon arrival in Sydney.  The first thing I have notice while on queue for the airport taxi, was that many locals are just wearing fitflops!  I was even told they go barefoot while malling.  Well, hello surfer dude!  I welcome myself to this land down under with a lot of sunshine and cool breeze.

When travelling with a buddy who is particular with thread counts, I had to forgo staying in hostels and checked in at Four Points by Sheraton overlooking the Darling Harbour.  The location was good. Although the bus stop is still a block away, it is within walking distance to Queen Victoria Building, Cockle Bay Wharf of Darling Harbour, Chinatown, shopping areas of York Street, George Street, Pitt Street and Martin Place.  It was a bit of a long 25 minute uphill walk to the Circular Quay or Sydney Opera House (or about 25 aud for taxi).