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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tips on What and How to Pack for Mt Pulag

For a first timer, packing Mt Pulag was one of the challenging preparation to take. 

  • 2 sets of extra clothes (1 for day 2 and another in case you get soaked in the rain)
  • 2 Uniqlo ultra light packable down jacket, 2 gloves, scarf, bonnet
  • 3 liters of water, 1 liter of gatorade
  • First aid kit, wet wipes, tissue
  • Poncho, garbage bag, spare zip locks
  • Trail food (nuts, cookies, sweetened dried fruits)
  • tupperware, spoon and fork, cup for hot drinks
  • plastic
  • headlight
  • sleeping bag
  • earth pad (as cushion and keep your back insulated from the cold and hard mountain grounds)
    foil-faced bubble wrap or insulation foam in lieu of earth pad
    sold at about P150/m at hardware stores
Since we joined a packaged tour with, our guide took care of these and did not have to pack these:
  • burner and cookware
  • food and water for cooking
  • tent
Pack your stuff in ziplock and double pack in garbage bags.  In the mountains, it is important to keep yourself  and your stuff dry.  Once you get wet, it can get too cold to handle.  

Try not to overpack, yet be prepared for any type of weather as it can be totally unpredictable.

Tip:  If your shoes gets wet, wear plastic over your dry socks and feet before you slip it in your wet shoes.

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