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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Peaks of Osmeña Peak

Instead of hitting the beach, I'm climbing mountains.  This was suppose to be a practice climb for Mt Pulag. Since our schedules did not permit, it turned out to be a post Mt Pulag Climb.

It is always a challenge to pool a big group.  With short notice, we were surprised to pool a group of fifteen on a holiday that falls on a weekday.

Osmeña Peak is the highest peak in Cebu standing at 1,013 meters above sea level (MASL). It's 100km from the city center, about three hours drive including light traffic.

From the city, head south, turn right when you see this sign: to Dalaguete-Badian National Road.  Go passed the Mantalongon Market.  You can hire habal habal (backride on motorcycle) at 300 for two pax or continue to drive your 4x4. Turn left when you see a sign Sitio Osmeña.  When you reach a fork, take the road on the left. Drive until you see a basketball court where you can park your car.  We got lost along the way, the locals were helpful to lead us the way.  The motorcycle driver led the way and a child rode inside our vehicle to show us the way.  These children served as our guide on our climb to the peak as well.

From the jump off point, we had to register our names but did not have to pay any fees.  It was an easy trek for about 20-30 minutes on a slow pace.

The trail is easy, I had to pause and take deep breathes in two occassions though.  Before you start sweating, you're already there.

What to bring:

On a day hike: at least half a liter water and light jacket/windbreaker

Starting at high noon, we reached the peak under the scorching heat of the summer sun but I'm not complaining.  If the sun is not out, it can get too foggy and you don't see the view.

The peak is just a small area.  The camp site is just below where you can spend the night.

If it was worth the long ride? Yes, definitely.  Once we got there, we could not stop taking pictures.  I'd like to come back and see the sunset.

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