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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

El Nido: Beach Themed Team Building Activity

Along with almost thirty people, I was tasked to organize or should I say volunteered to organized a company outing to include team building activity.  I wanted a beach themed team building activity that would not be very physically taxing and one that would not require too many props since we will be in remote islands.   Google presented a few beach themed team building activities but not to my liking.  I had to squeeze some brain to come up with these beach themed team building activities.

Any team building activity should start with an ice breaker to ease up everyone, this activity sets mood for the entire activity.  I wasn't quite sure what I can get out of this, the bosses are around, some may not speak up.   I had to twitch the rules right then and there.  I love being spontaneous, my brain works better under pressure.


As an ice breaker, gather the group in one big circle and get comfortable by squatting on the sand.  Each of the team shall introduce himself,  he can share about his first time, or something he has never done, or share something unknown to many...  the story he tells can be factual or he can opt to speak of tall tales and it's upto the audience to believe with a thumbs up or disbelieve with a thumbs down.  The moderator shall warn the audience that there will be quiz after.  The moderator shall start off  in the middle with something meaningful and the rest will follow for sure.  The speaker randomly picks the next person to speak in the middle and swaps seating arrangement.  It is important to limit the time spent per person, when there's too much entertainment, some people just can't stop.


After the Getting  To Know You activity, each must be able to answer the questions.  Split the team in smaller groups.  Unknown to them the questions to be asked are not related to the stories told earlier.  The teams shall arrange themselves according to the questions asked, however does it correctly wins a point.  Some sample questions include:
  1. arrange yourselves from smallest to longest thumb
  2. arrange yourselves from smallest to biggest feet
  3. arrange yourselves alphabetically based on your first name
  4. arrange yourselves from smallest to highest number of letters of your last name
  5. arrange yourselves from shortest to longest hair
  6. arrange yourselves from smallest to biggest ear
  7. arrange yourselves from smallest to biggest waistline (you'd need measuring tape)

Draw a tic tac toe on the sand, I opted to bring plastic straw rope to visibly mark the lines and buried the intersecting straw rope with sand to keep it in place.  If you're up to the latest craze, you'd know what candy crush is all about.  Just give it a twist, by placing some treats on the square, whoever complete the three in a row takes home the treat.

Break the group into two, with equal number of members.  Members shall line up and count off from 1 to nth...  Each team has is represented with numbers 1 to nth.  The first team is assigned to lie flat on the square with hands and feet wide like an "X".  The second team is assigned to curl up on the side like an "O". 

When their numbers are called, they shall find a spot in the tic tac toe.  Numbers can be called one at a time or three numbers at a number. Once the knees or butt touches the sand, they cannot change places.  The team  who completes three in a row wins a point.


This is a series of task that the team has to complete, it doesn't involve much physical activity but rather strategy and teamwork amongst the team.  At the same time, the pictures keeps a memory to last a lifetime.  Print/write the task in paper to given to the participants as they progress to the next task.


Make a simple sentence that is difficult to memorize.  I chose a line that has numbers in it and little play of words.  Our line was "Five dudes and twenty-three dudettes found themselves beach bumming by the seashore."  Once completed, the team shall proceed to the next task.


Write your team members name and non repeating body parts on the sand. Take one group picture showing non-repeating body parts from each member with the words written on the sand.  Be as anonymous as possible showing only non-repeating body parts.  Show the photo to the game master, once approved, the team shall proceed to the next task.


Build a sandcastle with three towers, a moat (a body of water surrounding it), and a mermaid/merman on one side.  Write the name of the place on the sand.  Take a group picture with it.  Show the photo to the game master, once approved, the team shall proceed to the next task.


Using your body, (standing up or lying down), spell the word... (in our case was "EL NIDO", the place where we had our team building activity.)  If your team members aren't enough, you may ask help from members from other teams.  Take a photo.  Show the photo to the game master, once approved, the team shall proceed to the next task.


Take a group photo with all feet off the ground, show the photo to the game master, once approved, the first team to complete wins.