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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Childhood Memories: Lego

Were you one of those priviledged kids who are able to play Lego?

I just love 'em and it's frustrating somehow not to be able to replicate exactly what the box portrays to be.

As I open a new box of Lego, it now comes with step by step, tile by tile instruction manuals. Well, it takes less brain cells to get it done yet nit everyone can get it right.

It's amazing how lego has kept up with the trends lately after being overshadowed by video games. The new series of lego like the Lego Friends for girls, star wars and harry potter series has amazing details.

Kids nowadays not only make them, they actually play with them and make a story out of it on video! Yes, with much patience and some creativity, get that video going.

Along my niece and nephews, we spent 6 long hours one afternoon building one after the other. I was as excited as they are. One thing that didn't change, lego remained pricey. I only wished these Lego toys will be more affordable.

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  1. maybe you can include the legoland just across the border from SG in Johor, in your bucket list? sayang, we won't have time to go there when we visit SG