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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Childhood Memories: Lego

Were you one of those priviledged kids who are able to play Lego?

I just love 'em and it's frustrating somehow not to be able to replicate exactly what the box portrays to be.

As I open a new box of Lego, it now comes with step by step, tile by tile instruction manuals. Well, it takes less brain cells to get it done yet nit everyone can get it right.

It's amazing how lego has kept up with the trends lately after being overshadowed by video games. The new series of lego like the Lego Friends for girls, star wars and harry potter series has amazing details.

Kids nowadays not only make them, they actually play with them and make a story out of it on video! Yes, with much patience and some creativity, get that video going.

Along my niece and nephews, we spent 6 long hours one afternoon building one after the other. I was as excited as they are. One thing that didn't change, lego remained pricey. I only wished these Lego toys will be more affordable.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Greeka Kousina

Sheer attempt to recreate cyma

Cebu Food Trip Reviews: Larsian

Larsian has become an icon in Cebu for authentic local experience and turned into a popular tourist destination for the brave. When we were kids, our parents discourage us to eat at this place but its smell and taste just keeps us wanting for more. Sanitation and food handling has always been an issue for this iconic foodstreet.

I was curious to see that the place is renovated this time by Pepsi. From dirt roads, it's now surrounded with concrete walls, brick flooring, galvanized roofing, monoblock tables and chairs yet maintained that rugged feel. After all these years, someone has finally gave it a functional facelift, grilling is moved to the center of the square as opposed to grilling on each kiosk - smoke is definitely isolated now and viola, there's running water!

I no longer found my suki "mom's" but our companion led us to "Noli and Khit's BBQ". There were about 8 of us and ordered 50 pork BBQ sticks plus 30 pork belly sticks plus a handful of puso and liters of softdrinks. We all left past midnight with happy belly for just P75.

Food: 4 spoons
Ambience: 4 spoons
Sanitation: 2 spoons

Cebu Food Trip Reviews: Chosun Chicken

I bumped into a magazine enlisting the top 10 chicken in Cebu. Chosun Chicken landed on the first spot and I was just as clueless as my peers where this place is.

Chicken Charlie and Bonchon Chicken has recently invaded Cebu. Not until I've tried all these three, I was able to appreciate the Korean twice fried chicken of Chosun Chicken.

Over the long weekend, I was able to revisit the place in (Foodland) Banilad, right beside the flyover.

Upon your entry, you'd be distracted by how its interior is set up. Go see for yourself.

With no further ado, three of us finished one whole chicken cut into 16-18 pcs. Half spicy - half original for P550, paired with Kimchi Rice over some meaningful conversation.

Ah, I miss this bonding time with my BFFs, wish we can do it more often, but times can't make it possible.

Food: 5 spoons
Service: 4 spoons
Location/ambiance: 2 spoons

Cebu Food Trip Reviews: Luy's Tea House

Luy's Tea House made its way on the social networking sites with common friends raving about it.

Today is Sunday and I dragged the rest of my family. We are a sucker of all things new and we have an equal share of good and bad experiences.

Our experience in Luy's Tea House was a mixed one. The dimsum was good but not superb contrary to what others rave about. I particularly liked the chicken feet. The siomai was juat an ordinary siomai. I was looking forward to try the xiaolongbao, it tasted good but the wrapper was rather on the thick side. Price was affordable.

Other than dimsum, we ordered a few other dishes and it took an hour to be served. After following it up not just once but ten times (no exaggeration), it turned out our order was taken but not punched for the kitchen to prepare. It was totally disappointing, it just proved that the numerous times I followed up my order, they didn't do it. In general, the staff were inexperienced and lacked training. Price for non dimsum dishes was pricey for its quality and size.

We left the place disappointed and left their business card on the table. You might just want to google more to get their contact number.

Food: 3 spoons
Service: 1 spoon