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Monday, June 11, 2012

What We Did in San Vicente, Palawan

Rainy season has started but for us, summer isn't over yet.  In the middle of some intertropical convergence zone, we found ourselves in San Vicente, Palawan.  San Vicente is accessible by private hired van from Puerto Princesa.  Twas a grueling four hour ride on rough road more than half of the way on a rainy day.  Upon our arrival late in the afternoon, it was drizzling and there were rips on the shore.  We were left with not much to do but to stretch and lay in bed to give our butts some rest and here's what we did the rest of our stay:

Played: Party Flippo

With occasional rain showers, after dinner, we entertained ourselves in a hut by playing Party Flippo.

Party Flippo is an app downloadable on an ipad or  an iphone.  It's much like Pinoy Henyo where you split into two teams. Each team member takes a turn at being the "guesser". A random word is shown to the guesser's teammates as he/ she tries to guess what it is by asking questions. The team members can only answer with a Yes, No or Maybe.  Party Flippo' keeps track of the players' turns, scores and timer and is available in English or Tagalog.

At the end of the night, we laughed our hearts out on the most outrageous guesses and hints we made.

Ate: Lamayo
dried fish marinated in citrus

Attempted: Survivor Challenge
Excited and psyched up with some real Survivor challenge, we were quite disappointed with the parlor games.  See the rest of the story here.

Island Hopped: Long Beach, San Vicente

The next day, we had a peak of long beach.  Unfortunately, our outrigger boat could not dock because of strong rips.  We just stopped there for a few minutes and took some photos.  There's practically nothing else but a 14 kilometer long stretch of off white sand beach, with countless number of coconut trees perfectly lined near the coast. It looked promising though, if you're up for some real rustic experience, this must be it.  If I were with a different group, I would have loved to explore it.

Island Hopped: Exotic Island, Port Barton

An hour boat ride away is Exotic Island, which is part of Port Barton.  I could just imagine how pretty the island would look when viewed from the top, where a sand bar on shallow waters connects two islands.  These photos doesn't even do justice.  On the corner, these stones provides a very picturesque spot for photography, the other side was a stretch of white sand with some good snorkeling spot.
I should have written Port Barton instead of San Vic (short for San Vicente)
Island Hopped: German Island, Port Barton

Named after a German writer who took inspiration and once lived on this island.  We soaked up in the warm sea water while the rain poured with cool breeze.

Watched: Poi

In the evening, we entertained ourselves (again) with some yoga for the brain... Poi.  One of our companions was gracious enough to show us his talent and did the fire dance, something he has not done in ages, but we gazed in awe.

Watched: GGV

Stuck in a remote area where there's practically nothing else to do in the evening, some of us prepared sangria and giggled the night away with Gandang Gabi Vice.

Our trip to San Vicente, Palawan was one for the books.  Although we felt short changed by a deal we got over at Deal Grocer, when what was offered was not delivered, we made do with whatever good vibes that was left.  May it be adventures or misadventures, cheers to my travel buddies namely ruffaG. of Cebu, the fire dancer, the coke ambassador, the busy bee, the soon to be ironed man, the rapunzel, the dramatic writer, the abstract iron man. :D