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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why You Should Date A Traveler

I bumped into this post from a fellow travel blogger.

There are quite a number of great insights from these travelers. Would you date one? Why not?! I will be dating one, soon!


  1. why? why not?
    a question answered by a question..
    that's what you call..

  2. who's the lucky guy?
    i should have read this earlier!

    pwede sana makapag Q&A.

    you should date a traveler! they're interesting, they know how to appreciate beauty in the simplest things, they like adventure, and they are easy to please.

    but don't date them if you're looking for stability, permanence, and security. hahaha

  3. sunjun, hahaha don't take me too seriously. :p

    ganoon ba yon? as nomads as we are, it could also mean we are one of those? ;)