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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zipline in Cebu and around the Philippines

There has been much hullabaloo about the hostage crisis, I wasn't around to see the live stream, so it might not have struck me as much as it did to others, I was off to some place more peaceful. Nevertheless, it was shameful and it definitely put a slump on Philippines' tourism.

Anyway, what's up Philippines? Aside from the soaring index of the stock market (I have yet to sell my stocks, is it time?) I'm getting feeds from facebook and here on google, about the ziplines hanging up around the Philippines. Is this a craze? If it is, I am so out! I haven't tried one in my entire life, and that's so sad. My cousins are coming over two weeks from now and they are bugging me to go on one, why not!?

Here in Cebu, there are a few already:

* K33 Green Adventure
  • located 33kms from the city, on east of the Cebu Transcentral Highway. K33 claimed to be the longest zipline in Cebu with a 300 meter and 220 meter zipline 
  • pegged at P200/zipline. 
  • They can be reached through Barry at +639209272449 | (032) 5112158
  • or | Address: Ga-as, Balamban, Cebu, Philippines

* Gaas Eco-Adventure Park Inc.
  • resto-adventure cafe with a shorter zipline 
  • at P100-P150 and offers other activities like rappeling and spelunking. 
  • Contact: Nigel +639209474460 +639228237138

* Papa Kits Marina and Fishing Lagoon
  • Entrance fee - P100.00 per person (consumable on foods & fishing)
  • 800 meter ZIPLINE - P200.00 per person (two-way)
  • Other activities:
    Horseback Riding - P100.00 per person (30min.)
    Glass Boat ride - P100.00 per person (min. 10pax) a 20min. ride along Silot Bay
    BMX bicycles available for rent @ P50.00 (1hr.)
    Fishing cottages - P100.00 per hr.
    fishing rods for rent @ P50.00 / bait P10.00; price per kilo (live) - Bangus P 160.00- Tilapia P 120.00
    2 storey BLUE-HOUSE w/ aircon - P 2,500.00 per night for 2 to 4 persons; day use- P1,500.00 for 5 hrs.
    Restaurant open from 8am to 9pm daily 
  • Contact number: (032)361-1630, 4249501 or rochelle 09325918977 or sheryl 09323667924

Around the Philippines, these are a few that I've come across lately:

  • Danao, Bohol: EAT Danao's Suislide
  • Lake Sebu, South Cotabato
  • Cagayan de Oro: Dahilayan Adventure Park - claimed to be Asia's longest with150m, 320m and 840m long for a package rate P600 for 3 different ziplines.
  • Davao City: Outland Adventure
  • Davao City: Camp Sabros - 380m, 400 and 820m

Take me high up and fast around the Philippines. Your feedback on any of these (and other) facilities would be greatly appreciated.

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