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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PAL Grants Cancellation of Redeemed Miles for Japan

I was able to redeem free round trip ticket to Tokyo, Japan on Philippines Airlines (PAL) with Mabuhay Miles.  But after the nuclear crisis, my plans foiled.  When I called PAL's hotline, it was not possible to reroute the flight.  I was only given two options:
  1. Rebook to a later date, within one year from ticket issuance date.

    The first  rebooking is free of charge. Each subsequent rebooking will be subject to a rebooking fee of USD30.00 for International award ticket or PHP600.00 (Exclusive of  VAT)  for Domestic award ticket.

  2. Extend ticket for another 6 months for a fee ($25 if i remembered it right).
We had our ticket rebooked to a much later date without having it revalidated so I can still change the date without a fee.  Not until I was told by a friend that he was able to have his credited back.  And so I wrote to and as follows:

"Locator #_____
Passenger Name: _______
Mabuhay Miles # 00______

Hi, we have redeemed tickets to Tokyo scheduled last March,  because of the unfortunate event of the tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan, we were constrained to cancel our trip.  At that time, we requested for rerouting but was declined.

We are appealing for your kind consideration to credit back the miles used and refund the taxes paid since the resolution of the crisis remains uncertain.

Hoping for your kind consideration and hope to hear positive response from you."
A follow-up note and a month passed and I have not received a reply but this:
 "Please be advised that your concern is currently being reviewed by our Awards Group. Your patience and understanding in awaiting for further communication from us regarding this matter will certainly be appreciated... Very truly yours, Eileen Jover-Galindez, Manager - Product Loyalty Marketing, Operations"
I was constrained to contact some people we know at PAL's office and was advised to email Romme Belles of Mabuhay Miles Service Center at

In two days, I received a response stating:
Dear Freeze,
"We have already cancelled and credited back the 20,000 miles to your account. You may now proceed to any of our Philippine Airlines ticket office and apply the refund of the taxes (please bring your tickets). Thank you. Romme Belles, Mabuhay Miles Service Center"
What a joy this news bring!  I won't be tied down going back to Japan soon while Japan's nuclear crisis remains an issue.  Now I can enjoy a different beat in South Africa and visit the queen in London courtesy of HSBC.

Note:  Miles redemption that are canceled are not necessarily credited back to today's date.  The original redemption is canceled, any miles expired or expiring is extended upto the next cut-off.


  1. Hi! I'm also planning to go to Japan but my dad and I want to redeem his mileage for us to get 2 tickets. Do you know how many mileage do we need to redeem 1 ticket to japan? :)thank you!

  2. hi kat, 20,000 points is needed to redeem a ticket from manila to tokyo, osaka or fukuoka

    for other inquiries, check out

  3. Hi, may i ask if you were able to use your returned miles for another destination or were you required to stick with Tokyo only at a later departure date?


  4. hi brent, PAL don't allow rerouting of redeemed flights, but since this was a fortuitous event, PAL credited back the miles as if it was never redeemed and extended the expiry for a month. I was able to redeem it again for another destination.