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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Luxury Island Playground: Things to Do at Misibis Bay Resort, Cagraray Island


If you come to Misibis Bay Resort, you come to make the most out of it as a luxury island playground.  It was well worth it to get the package that includes unlimited use of non-motorized sports and limited use of selected motorized activities like we did.  For three days, two nights, these were the activities in lined for us:

1.  30-minute ATV at Eco-energy Park Adventure Zone (P3,000/hour)

With our ATV, our first pitstop was the eco-energy park adventure zone with no less than the ampitheater (as shown on the amazing race asia).  

Then we drove up and down hill on paved and unpaved roads.  Next stop was the chapel sitting on a hill overlooking the sea and view of Mt. Mayon. 
2. KTV

We came back with much time to kill, so we stayed at the KTV lounge, sang a few songs, hoping we won't spoil the good weather before proceeding to lunch.

3. Zipline at Eco-energy Park Adventure Zone

It was my first time to be on a zipline.  Not bad for a first time, we climbed 60 feet up to ride the 200 meter zip,  I was ready to scream but the ride was slow so I held on a smile instead and zipping with the view of the peak of Mt. Mayon.

4.  Hobie Cat

We thought we were in for a relaxing ride,  the mechanics is just amazing how a non motorized hobie cat can sail so fast and can be one rough exhilarating ride.

5.  Kayak

It's a two seater kayak, and since the sea was a little rough, they don't allow a single rider.  While my companion was stuck on the lounge with plants and zombies, I took the kayak with the guide.  I effortlessly paddled as he quipped, "ma'am, just relax and lie down".  Maybe I wasn't too helpful. :))

6.  Wind surfing

I was quite ambitious and tried out wind surfing, the sail was a little heavy but manageable, the board was wide but difficult to balance with when the sail falls.  The most difficult part was learning how to maneuver it with the wind direction.  It looked so much easier from afar.  I just enjoyed the ride with little effort while the guide was there helping me out while we surfed out to sea.  It was just a short ride as the wind started to blow harder.

7. 15-minute jet ski  

It was a choice of cave exploration or intro dive, but they mistakenly wrote jet ski on our itinerary, of course, we insisted for the jet ski and gladly they agreed after a little push.  That was a huge playground, we were racing around the bay, with the view of Mt. Mayon.  The waves was just perfect for a big splash.

8.  Sunset Cruise

We're off to see the sunset past five in the afternoon, it was an overcast, so no pretty sunset came into sight.  The sun sets behind the mountain, so even on a clear day, I don't think it will be a sight to behold.

Other things to do:  Segway, Banana Boat Ride, Wake Boarding, and Knee Boarding.

Hurray for all fun loving people. :D  Here's my reviews on Misibis Bay Resort.

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