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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fine Dining in Cebu: Olio, Corner Table, Anzani, Maya

Knowing my grandfather's struggle from rags to riches and my mom's patriarchal family upbringing, I've been raised to live a frugal life. Amongst my childhood friends, they knew me as someone who's very frugal and some mistake me for being a miser. The truth is, as school kids, we were not given monetary allowances. On better days, my aunt offered to give a few bucks, ten pesos perhaps. Somehow this left a strong influence on me, trying to stretch every peso because it is never easy to earn one. Once I started earning my own paycheck, I'm constantly saving up for rainy days yet maintained to be financially independent for my own needs and wants.

I have different sets of friends from different walks of life. There are those who tries to make ends meet, hanging out with them makes you appreciate life's little pleasures. There are those who have rose from their ranks, hanging out with them makes you appreciate the fruits of your own hardwork. There are those who are born with a silver spoon, hanging out with them makes you savor life.

Amongst those who knows how to savor life, foodtripping is one of our bonding moments. Trying out Cebu's fine dining restaurants, unmindful of the bill until it lands on our table and all blurts out with a knowing laugh seeing it. Recent months has been a feast!

If you're looking for some fine dining restaurants in Cebu, here are your options:

Olio Steak and Seafood Restaurant
Crossroads, Banilad
Contact number: 2323589, 2321991, 2382931

Olio is on Philippine Tattler's Philippines' best restaurants list. They serve a good selection of oysters, scallops, steak, lobster, wine... On their anniversary, we endulged ourselves on eat all you can USDA Nebraskan Prime Rib Eye for P899++ (about P1,000 net). While one of us consumed 1.4 kgs., I consumed about 500 grams of it; although I wanted more, my heart is screaming enough. :))

Corner TableThe Gallery, Juan Luna Street, Mabolo, Cebu City

Corner Table is from the same proprietors of Ginza (Japanese Restaurant) and Academy for International Culinary Arts or A.I.C.A.. Corner Table serves spanish cuisine: tapas and paella. The menu is quite limited. I personally liked their Gambas al Ajillo, Pan con Tomate y Aceite, Arroz Tinto (paella cooked in beef stock topped with sliced steak) and a spanish meal won't be complete without some good Sangria.

Panorama Heights, Nivel Hills, Gorordo Ave
Cebu City 6000
032 2327375

Anzani serves new mediterranean cuisine. Anzani has great ambience over looking a mountain; indoors it's as if you're in a log cabin somewhere in Europe or Canada. With online coupon craze, we got a deal at for a four course meal.for bout P800. The verdict: other than its ambience, there's nothing much to rave about this place.

Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City
Telephone number: 2389552, 2389618

Maya is from the same proprietor of Abaca, a boutique hotel known for its high-end tasty Italian food in Mactan. Maya has a sophisticated yet casual ambiance for dining and has a tequila lounge on the second floor. It's mexican food is great. I personally liked the beef and fajitas and nachos with salsa, their version of cripy lechon kawali is a hit to many. The drinks are quite pricey, so it's a place to see and be seen for 30's and up young urban professionals and entrepreneurs, ergo - yuppies. They have a wide selection of good quality and rare find Tequila like the blue agave. If you're looking for some cheap tequila like Jose Cuervo, they don't serve it here. My peers liked the flaming ferrari, it's a 3 colored mixed drink set on fire while sipping it in one shot. I had the Patron tequila - it was smoooooth! and I especially like their Bacardi Mojitos. Alas, I'm starting to like something to drink and that's totally unbelievable! It was here when I first experienced how the world can spin for a second. Seems like my palate is for pricey stuff! haha

One can't get drunk here without emptying your pocket, the price of a good shot at Maya is at least P300. Another place to see and be seen in Cebu is in Vudu (for youngsters) and Formo (for yuppies)

Patron tequila by Maya (photo by Maya)
So are you ready to party and savor life in Cebu? I just did and loving it! :D

These photos aren't mine, post like this give me one good reason why I should get a new point and shoot.


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