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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic Two

With a stressful life these days, retail therapy has never been this therapeutic and pampering thyself have been guiltless.
  • I seemed to not leave Promod without a shopping bag in tow;
  • I now have three pairs of fitflops;
  • I just bought a long champ bag and ate my words when I said, I'll never get one;
  • I bought cosmetics, I know I will rarely use.;
  • I just got a new i5 laptop, and this one was for free;
  • fine dining at Cebu's finest!  Olio's a thousand eat all you can beef and Anzani's 800+ four course meal
  • everyday, I find some good reason to buy new toys... an iphone and an ipad for work and light weight point and shoot camera for daily use.
  • everyday, my mind wanders around the world...Misibis Bay in June, Davao in October, India in December, London in February, South Africa in April
Somebody stop me please... :))

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