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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Unbelievable Donsol Trip

Just as I thought I have something to brag about today in my quest to swim with the butandings (whale sharks) in Donsol, Sorsogon, my experience is unbelievable!

Last February 23-25, 2008 out of 20 boats out in Donsol Bay, we were one of the few who didn't get to see any. Visibility was very bad due to the two-week heavy rainfall that hit the Bicol Region right before the trip. We were warned by the locals to cancel our trip but we didn't listen. We accepted defeat after spending 6 hours at sea.

We were so eager to go back for a vengeance in April. I've booked our flights, checked out the weather, booked the best Butanding Interaction Officer (guide) in town and made land arrangements.

The day has come for Donsol-2, April 16, 2008 my sis and I took the flight on Cebu Pacific, for Cebu to Legaspi via Manila. Our flight to Manila was delayed so I approached the check-in counter if we could still make it to our connecting flight and after an hour's wait, we got confirmation from Manila that we can since the flight to Legaspi will also be delayed and our luggages are checked through and we had our boarding pass already. When we reached Manila at 1pm, we were denied transfers. I spoke to my cousins who were on the plane, (they can see us from the plane!), they have not left and the doors are still open. They were trying to lure with ex-deals for 6 passengers to deplane. So the ground crew confessed we were bumped off since the flight was overbooked and our seats were taken! On record, they made it appear that we missed the connecting flight since our flight was delayed. That was the last flight for the day. They denied booking us on the next day, we didnt get any offers of concessions, they refused to provide a status report, they denied for me to speak to the supervisor, not until 3 hours later when I caught him speaking to another complaining passenger. After another hour, I took a pic of him, that's when he offered to let me fill up a customer feedback form and signed a certificate of delay, but that's about it. So we were left with no choice but to fly back to Cebu with no assurance that tickets will be refunded.

The lies doesn't end there, the supervisor on duty insisted that when we arrived, the plane already left. Com'on I have 13 relatives who can testify otherwise. The certificate of delay contained incorrect information as to flight numbers saying we were accommodated on the next flight. duh!

This has ruined not just our day but the whole well-planned vacation. I'm furious, I need a lawyer!


  1. OMG That is really unbelievable! Inis talaga Cebu Pacific! Here's to Donsol 3! When do you plan to go back again?

  2. Hi Nina, inis talaga. Owen is going back come May 3... accommodations are fully booked til May, so if not next month, March next year!

  3. Wow--that is sooo BAAAADDDDD!!!! :( I think Cebu Pacific owes you a free return ticket to any destination of choice!!! Mali na nga nila, eh they want to blame it on you pa.

  4. a free round trip ticket would not compensate what they did. the inconveniece, the lies... just never ends. :( I would have appreciated if they were honest and sincere enough to face their customers.

  5. hi freeze, you get to travel a lot these days huh! why not learn to fly a plane instead? :)

  6. fly a plane? should i just a marry a billionare who owns a jet, watcha think?! :D hahaha jk!

  7. I was able to obtain a refund confirmation with Cebu Pacific with a lot of effort and patience. But due to lapse of refund period promised by them, our tickets were refunded (last week) through the efforts of my credit card issuer sans advice from cebu pacific.

    NOTE: For airline transactions, credit card issuer does not accept charge back complaints unless supported with a written confirmation with the airline.

  8. backreading from the donsol post. First time ko marinig yung 'certificate of delay', good thing you had proof.