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Monday, March 10, 2008

God the painter

These are photos of God's artwork taken from butterfly wings that took at least fifteen years to compile, the so called Butterfly Alphabet. Amazing!

In a recent tour around Cebu, we visited the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery*. This is the home of the late Prof. Julian Jumalon, an artist having the country's oldest butterfly collection. The place isn't fancy and only a few live species are found in the sanctuary (should I say in the garden), but the glass encased collection are beautiful enough to be appreciated.

Apart from his collection, he was known as an artist for his lepido mosaic art work; he used pieces of butterfly wings as its medium.

For a P50 guided tour fee, we were met by a man in a wheelchair - paralyzed waist down; he happens to be the son the late artist. He started out saying "Take a stool for an examination." so I blurted "Now?" I thought, why in the world do they need my stool to see their butterfly collection?! and besides I'm not ready to do my thing! Only to find out he was pointing to those monoblock stool on the side implying that he was about to start his lecture... duh, I can't stop laughing at myself, wahahaha!!!

*located at 20-D Macopa St., Basak, Pardo, Cebu City, Philippines
Jumalon Residence, Tel. No. (63-32) 2616884


  1. wow! amazing alphabet. all found naturally in butterfly wings? whew!

    always wondered where this place was ... pardo d.ay ... that's why I couldn't find it. Thought it was just somewhere near Capitol.

    He got you with the stool! wahahaha
    was it intentional? That would have been a hilarious ice breaker.

  2. Really amazing! I was in awe when I saw that and can't help but ask if i can take a closer look at the poster after the lecture.

    Take a closer look, it's really "designed naturally" on butterfly wings (shot on solid colored background).

    You should have asked me. :D The place is hard to locate, in those small alleys of Basak, Pardo. We were lucky that our driver had been there before. Actually, 'twas my first visit.