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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dumaguete dive log

Last weekend, we went on a 4-hour landtrip-barge via the Southern tip of Cebu, Santander for a diving trip to Dumaguete. I was excited to use my newly purchased Aladin Prime dive computer.

Day 1, dive 1 & 2: Dive Dauin [74ft, 66mins] and Masaplod [57ft, 66mins]

Unlike the dive spots I've been to, Dauin is primarily composed of brown sandy bottom. One has to have the spotter's eye to see those small creatures and critters found at the bottom. Masaplod on the other hand, is a small fish sanctuary, where corals grew in the middle of this sandy bottom. There we found this 1 meter-sea turtle, that didn't mind our presence.

L-R: leaffish, mating crabs, frogfish, clownfish, blue-spotted stingray, pufferfish, sea turtle, pipefish, scorpionfish

Day 2, dive 3, 4 & 5: Dive Apo Island [86ft, 71mins; 80ft 60mins] and Ducomi [76ft, 67mins]

Coconut Groove in Apo Island was the experience to beat. The waves on the surface was fierce, thus, we have to descend fast. Luckily, the decongestant worked well this time, I made it down fast. At the bottom, the current was even stronger swishing here and there, thus, we have to hold on to our dear life line (a rope). We almost aborted the dive when there was nothing to hold on to. Thanks to the school of huge mating jacks that appeared below us, we were enticed to descend again. Thanks too to our Dive Masters, who made us feel safe amidst the strong current. The reefs of Apo Island is a vast area filled with corals and schools of fish.

With slightly strong currents and ships docking on the surface, we need our dive light in Ducomi Pier. The pillars of this pier are filled with corals and different interesting creatures. You can actually hear the fishes flap their fins! Lionfishes dominate the area as well.

L-R: commensal shrimp, nudi, us, jacks, black seahorse, me with dive light, lionfish, octopus, eel

Day 3, dive 6: Bahura Resort House Reef [92ft, 63mins]

I skipped the morning dive in Ducomi as I opted to take a good rest and lounge around the resort with a hearty buffet breakfast.

As rain started to pour, waves started to pick-up, we were about to start our dive at the house reef. This reef is deep and with limited visibility, there goes my ears again, it took me some 10 minutes to reach the bottom (entry down 80 feet). As I slowly worked my way down, I got stung around my philtrum (for the 2nd time)! 'Twas worth it though. My first to see spiny lobster, mantis shrimp, boxer shrimps, jaw fish... i can go on and on :D

L-R: jawfish, boxer shrimps, mantis shrimp, spiny lobster, ghost shrimp, bahura resort

Can't wait to dive in Philippine's prime dive spot -Tubbataha, Palawan next year.